Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's looking good...

I know I shouldn't count my chickens before they've hatched, or in this case my kidney before it's harvested....


I have passed all the tests.

I still have to meet with the nephrologist (next Wednesday) and the surgeon (early June) to get the final OK, but so far it looks good.

Here are the results of my tests:

MAG3 (kidney scan) - showed my GFR is 111 (above 90 is good)
DMSA (kidney scan) - showed that my left kidney does 51% of the work and the right does 49%
CT (of kidneys and veins) - showed only one artery and vein to the kidneys
Glucose Tolerance Test - fasting BGL of 4.5 (normal is 3.5 - 5.4) and at 2 hours of 7.7 (normal <7.8)
Chest XRay - normal
Blood work - normal (even my cholesterol)

The two tests I had this week were the DMSA and the GTT.  The DMSA showed that my kidneys do actually share the load quite evenly.  The reason it looked uneven on the previous scan is that my right kidney sits lower and slightly on an angle so that the 2D scan didn't get a completely accurate picture.  Monday's 3D scan gave a better picture that showed my kidneys are the same size and working evenly.

The GTT I passed by a whisker, but the transplant co-ordinator wasn't particularly worried by that.  My fasting glucose level was very good, and he said the fact that my sugar was on the higher side of normal at the end of the test probably reflected the fact that I am only a little person - and regardless of size everyone gets the same dose of sugar for the test.  He said the equivalent would have been for a full size man to get 2 or 3 times that amount of glucose if it was size based.  I can tell you that I felt AWFUL during the test - it was by far the worst of all the tests.  The glucose made me feel sick in the stomach and woozy in the head.  I couldn't think straight!  Even when it was over I had to go home and lie down to recover.  Blech.

Can you believe my cholesterol levels were normal too?  Seriously - in spite of my love of the hot chip I have normal cholesterol levels.  Here's to more hot chips!!

In spite of saying a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't excited at the prospect of giving Ashlea a kidney, I am a little excited now. Not excited that she needs a kidney transplant, or that I have to go through surgery to give her one, but it is a relief to know I will be able to give her a kidney and hopefully spare her dialysis. Seeing the reality of kidney disease in adults when I went to the renal ward for some of my tests was a real eye opener. Kidney disease is for life. It can make you really sick. The adults up there looked really sick. I think I have been a bit sheltered at the children's hospital, because kids are just so resilient compared to adults. An adult walking around with Ashlea's level of kidney function would feel terrible. If I can help Ashlea avoid dialysis and some of the other side effects of kidney disease I am happy to do it.

It is an honour to be able to do it.

The next question I'm sure you all want to know the answer to is WHEN will all this take place?  That I don't know yet - but most likely one day in November...


Alice said...

Oh I am so glad that all is looking so good! Praying for things to continue this smoothly... And for patience for you all while you wait. Xxx

Anna said...

Glad to hear that all the results were good. Step one done now. Next step-birthday parties LOL!! I think you will deserve more than hot chips after two parties in one day!!

Sarah said...

All sounding very promising!

Hope all goes well with the Nephrologist and Surgeon appts x

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday

Belinda said...

All sounds good! Hope the next appointments go well! Xx

Team Carter Jay said...

Sound glad that everything is sounding good. Lots of prayers!