Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kidney Review

Ashlea had a kidney review today.

Surprisingly her creatinine is slightly lower again (down to 349 from a high of 387 two months ago).  Despite that we are still on track for a transplant in November.  I think the doctor was pleasantly surprised that Ashlea's creatinine was stable - she had been expecting that Ashlea's numbers would be a lot worse and that we would have to bring the transplant forward.  The doctor is more relaxed now about us making it to November without needing dialysis.  The only problem with that is that our nephrologist will be on maternity leave at that time!  When I first met our new neph I was glad to see that she was young and would be unlikely to retire before we were finished at the children's hospital - I forgot to factor in that she was young and not done with having babies yet!  There are plenty of other kidney specialists on the team, but its never quite the same when the doctor you are dealing with doesn't know you personally.

The numbers from today:
Creatinine: 349
Urea: 16.8
Potassium: 3.4
Bicarb: 27
Sodium: 135

In spite of the slight drop in creatinine Ashlea's GFR is still only 10 (normal is over 90 - mine is 111), so it is still full steam ahead for the transplant.  While we were at the hospital Ashlea had some other pre-transplant testing done.  She had some extra blood work (clotting times, mantoux test, antibody levels, liver function) as well as the regular kidney blood tests.  She also had some x-rays to check her bone age and the severity of her rickets (caused by renal disease) and a pre-transplant ECG.  I must say that she did pretty well all things considered.  Ashlea hates procedures - always has done.  Even though she protested through all of them - she protested much less than she would have in the past.  She is becoming quite manageable even at blood tests now - she still cries, but doesn't thrash and scream and fight like a wild cat as in days gone by.

We have a pretty big week of appointments - today Ashlea had her kidney appointment, tomorrow we see our paediatrician to get a letter for our school application, on Thursday Ashlea is having casting for new AFOs as well as a physio appointment (plus a stopver in pharmacy and pathology just for good measure) and then on Friday I meet my surgeon. 

The one thing we don't have yet is the actual date of the transplant - apparently they are working that out at the moment so hopefully we will know soon.  Watch this space...


Sarah said...

So glad to hear Ashlea was alot less resistant to her many tests today.

Would be so fantastic if you can avoid that dialysis.

Your week does sound extremely busy! Hope it all goes smoothly.

Lacey said...

You know, its really nice to be able to get this transplant going without full failure and dialysis. You feel like you can get everything together, and she is not too sick that things need to be rushed. Sounds like you are going to be one busy momma this week!

Barbara said...

My heart goes out to you! I hope it continues to go well.

Barbara said...

Thinking of you all the time!

Samantha said...

That sounds fantastic. Fingers crossed you can stay away from dialysis. I had to giggle at the "wild cat" comment!! Our little people sure know how to put on a good show when there are needles involved!