Friday, May 27, 2011

Ode to PMS

Prepare you ears,
Run for your life!
Each end of the month
Mum's gone fishwife.

Endlessly yowling,
Nagging and growling,
Screeching and squawking
Til everyone's howling.

Reach for the earplugs, get
Under the table,
Away!  Run away! As
Long as your able

Supplies of chocolate
Yes, keep them coming!
NO, not ones with fruit in
Don't think that will cut it!!

Remember with time your
Old Mum will be back...but
Months go by quickly so
Expect some more flack!

So, how was your week?


Rosalie said...

Hope it passes quickly for you x

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Love it!! So very true...

Do you think PMS was this bad when we were younger, or is it that we now have so much more to be cranky about??

My week was bearable thanks, cos I got to see you! Hope you got your cuppa and it was good...

Take care, S xx

Anonymous said...

Bare a thought for those of us who can't each chocolate!
At leat the kids can have some to get them through it..

Anonymous said...

Love it :)