Friday, May 20, 2011

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is party day - all 3 girls are having their birthday parties on the one day.

In the morning the twins are having the girls from their preschool class over, and in the afternoon the girls from Emma's class are coming.  I think we're having around 20 kids at each party.

Anyone got any good headache remedies for me for the end of the day??

The forecast is for cloudy weather but no rain.  I really hope that is accurate!!  We are hiring a jumping castle as it is something Ashlea can participate in with her friends - I doubt we will be able to get her out of it all day.  I am making the parties as easy on myself as possible - store bought birthday cakes (sob - I love making their cakes but I just don't have time this year), pizza, juice boxes and running around in the backyard.

Birthday parties for the twins are always a little bitter sweet - they are a great celebration of how far we've come, but they also prompt little twinges of 'what could have been'.  I think I sometimes try to have a great, big fun party for them to make up for the fact that they don't get invited to that many parties.  Even Audrey.  I think people feel that if it is too hard to invite Ashlea that it would be unfair to invite Audrey - the problem is that Audrey is the one who knows she hasn't been invited.  Hence the super, big inclusive party at our house so that people get to see Ashlea for who she is - a kid who loves to have fun at parties just like every other child.

I hope it is a great day - the girls are all really excited and have been counting the days.  If you ask Ashlea whats happening tomorrow she says "Jumping the party".  She knows!

The twins had their 'flu shots this morning so we are really hoping for no nasty consequences like last year.  (I know - crazy day to get vaccinated - but of course it was the only day we could get into the vaccination clinic at the hospital).  I told the doctor it was not an option for anyone to have a reaction as we are hosting a party tomorrow.  As an aside we ran into one of the doctors at the children's hospital who had worked in the NICU when the girls were born.  It was lovely to see her - and she wasn't at all surprised to hear that Ashlea had had a completely unique, Ashlea-only reaction to last year's vaccine.  She knows Ashlea's history too well.

Time to go finish my party preparations - See you on the other side!!!


Missy said...

Oh we so wish we were still in Sydney so that we could be at the party...we would have been lucky enough to stay for BOTH parties hahahah!

Wish you perfect weather for tomorrow. Hope the day is wonderful for you.
Hope the headache at the end of the day is not to horrific!!

I have popped a "little" something for the girls in the mail to help celebrate their birthday parties!!

Hope there are no nasty side effects from the flu vaccines this year, I got mine but havent done the kids yet. Know I need to though!

loads of love xxx

Gina @ Inky Ed! said...

Sheesh - I take my hat of to you. Think giving a kidney will be a cinch after tomorrow. Have a blast

Alison said...

Thanks Jen - the girls received their gifts today and loved them.

When I asked Ashlea who was coming to the party she said "J J starts with J"
I asked her "Who starts with J"
She said "Jenny and Emimy"

Too cute.

Gina - I agree - giving a kidney seems easy in comparison!

Missy said...

ahhhh my aching heart!! Wish I was coming! Emimy too!

I'm glad the girls liked them. I hope that Ashlea likes the CD. I thought she might like the music of Night Garden. Emily chose the sticker book, Reese chose the big book.

Have a wonderful day!

Sarah said...

Hope it all goes well for you and you dont end up with a headache at the end of the day.

Hope no nasty side effects from the flu shot, we dont have them and I never get Violet done (especially after hearing other kids reactions including Ashlea's!)