Friday, June 10, 2011


When things are quiet at work, I love nothing more than reading failblog, damnyouautocorrect or LFMF (Learn From My Fail).

I thought on this fine Friday I would share with you some of my own fail wisdom....

If you tell your psychologist to read your blog so she can find out if you got approved to give your daughter a kidney, you will find at your next appointment that she has printed out reems of pages from said blog and underlined many 'interesting' things that apparently need 'further discussion'.  LFMF.

You all know how much I love my midazolam experiences at the dentist.  Here is what happens if you try and text too soon after your appointment... to win friends and influence mums at the school gate...LFMF.

Anyone else got a fail they'd like to share???


Nerida said...


Alice said...

Hahaaaaa! That is completely hilarious! Love you for sharing! Xxx

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog post ever!

Belinda. Xx

Caroline said...

What a wonderful blog this is. What a amazing story.

I was hoping you could share with your readers the extrodinary story of stunning Celia Betz. Celia has Batten disease. Her family is so inspirational. They want to spread awareness of this rare and deadly disease.

Fiona said...

Fabulous - the stoned text is a classic!
Please list details of said dentist who administers such fine drugs :-))

Anonymous said...

Well you definitely did win a friend and influence a mum!! kim xxx

Anna said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Love it!!!