Sunday, June 26, 2011

What did you say your name was???

I was out shopping with the girls the other day as Ashlea and Audrey had to buy a birthday present for a preschool party they were invited to (yay!).  A disco party (not so yay).  Anyone want to take a guess at how long Ashlea lasted???

Anyway, we were at the shops when I noticed another family of 3 girls browsing the toy aisles.  Two of the girls called out to their sister - Ashley, Ashley they said.

Cute, I thought.  They have an Ashlea too.

A few minutes later I heard the mum calling out to one of her other kids.  Audrey, Audrey where are you?

Hmm, now I was interested, and being a natural born sticky beak I asked the mum if her girls were in  fact named Ashley and Audrey and if they were twins.

Yes they were named Ashley and Audrey (but not twins).  How bizarre!!  We all had a bit of a chuckle, and then Emma piped up and said "That's funny, we've got an Audrey and an Ashlea too.  I'm Emma"

The other mum just looked at me and pointed to her older daughter - whose name was also Emma.

How weird.  We each have 3 girls with the same 3 names in the same order - Emma, Ashlea and Audrey.

I didn't dare ask if the mother's name was Alison - just in case we ripped apart the space/time continuum and disappeared into a black hole by coming face to face with our doppelgangers (in name anyway).

Anyone else had any bizarre experiences like that?


Sarah said...

No I haven't...that is really bizarre!

Well not really, as your girls do have great names!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Wow... love it!

Should've asked if she was giving her Ashlea a kidney later this year too!?!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Oh yeah, and my guess is five minutes.

(That's about how long I last at kids disco parties...)

n0thingbuteverything said...

Wow, that is amazing!!! Gorgeous names, but what are the odds hey?

ferfischer said...

WOW! I swear I would fall over dead if anyone had the same names as my kids! Now I'm dying to know if mom was an Alison!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Wow! Closet we have come are some pet dogs! And with number 3 there is even less chance ;) xx