Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July

Contrary to my natural urge to leave things to the last minute, this year I am trying to get organised.  Early.

I have started my Christmas shopping.

I don't usually shop during the July toy sales as I have a tendency to lay-by stuff and then forgot about it.  I then lay-by more stuff and forget about that too.  Then when I collect my lay-bys at Christmas the present pile for the children nearly reaches to the roof.  Not that they've ever complained about that of course.

This year however I am lay-bying the children's Christmas presents now, so that in the event that I am not in any shape to battle the Christmas shopping crowds - having just had a kidney out and all - Santa can still come to our house!  I plan to have my lay-bys paid off before the transplant so my sister can just go and pick them up for me close to Christmas if I'm not up to it.

So, the point of all that is that I need ideas for what to get Ashlea for Christmas.  I have Emma and Audrey sorted - they are each getting an 8Gb ipod touch.  I know - it's a bit extreme for a 5 and 7 year old but I am sick of them running down the battery on my phone whilst checking their zoos and playing Angry Birds.  Don't even get me started on the fingerprints.  They are also getting a go-cart type thing to pedal around in the backyard and a masterchef outfit each.


But what to get the little Miss???

She already has every single In the Night Garden toy known to mankind.

Any thoughts?  All suggestions welcome! 
In keeping with the spirit of Christmas I am also sending out a little note in the mail to everyone who would normally get our Christmas newsletter - just so that those who aren't 'internet people' don't get the shock of their lives to read that they missed the big event.  Keep an eye on your mailboxes - I hope to get them out this week.


Missy said...

Great idea Alison, you certaily do need to be very organised considering the big things happening for you and Ashlea.

In terms of a present for the Miss Ashlea....NO idea!! LOL Sorry I cant be more helpful!

Kim said...

Wow you are organised! Have to say this Christmas in July thing is a bit baffling for me! Didn't have anything like it in South Africa, and all these toy sales! I am taking the 'avoid at all costs' approach otherwise I would lay bye everything in sight and end up with piles of never played with toys! As for Ashlea, I also have no ideas! But will let you know if anything comes to mind! And good thinking to get everything organised before the op!


ferfischer said...

Hmmm, we don't really do that here - but I do start planning way in advance too! Max is also asking for an iphone (which means itouch to me), which is amazing since this is the child who can't keep track of anything and breaks everything - I think he's too young, but perhaps we have an extra from my sister, so maybe we'll do that. We'll see about that. For my other two, I don't know! For Ashlea, what about something like a new room? new bedding, new paint, stuff like that? Or maybe wooden cooking things/food for your cubby out there? Or maybe you should get an ipad for her! (and you).

Anna said...

All I can say is, you are waay to organised for my liking!!! Although you DO have a valid reason. No idea what to get Ashlea. I need some ideas myself for Ryley. I do like the ipad idea!!

Sarah said...

Yes agree a great idea!

But sorry no suggestions

Molly said...

Thats awesome, i bought first two toys too for my little one ! Oh and about the Night garden, check out my blog's last post lol