Thursday, July 28, 2011


Parenting Fail:

If your smallest child - who also happens to have significant delays - exclaims Oh Shit when something doesn't go her way, you have probably committed a parenting fail somewhere along the way.

Speaking hypothetically of course.


If you and your other children hear the above exclamation and burst out laughing you have probably just compounded the fail.

Dentist Fail:

When discussing your broken tooth with your dentist, the expression "I cracked a root!?" is probably not the best one to use (in Australia anyway - that fail may not translate overseas).

Anyone else got a fail they'd like to share??


Missy said...

Hahahaha...I am thinking at LEAST it is "oh shit" instead of the many other FAR worse exclamations it could be. I also think its hard not to be a little bit happy that Miss A can use it perfectly in a sentence and appropriately.

Who can help but giggle at Miss Ashlea. She has me giggling all the time with that gorgeous cheeky personality of hers!!

Had a giggle about your dentist comment too!!

Fiona said...

Totally brilliant!
My parenting fail (one of many...) was when our lovey vet squatted down to ask 3 year old Sofie who we had bought in to see him that day, and she promptly responded, 'the bloody dogs'.

I still think yours is better though :-)

Anna said...

HAHAHAHA! Well, you made me laugh out loud. I have so many parenting fails it isn't funny.

Sarah said...

As you know V uses terrible choice words that make shit sound acceptable!

Yes the fact they use it in context is pretty impressive! I just blame it on others she hears it from...especially now she attends school!

Lacey said...

Ya know, after 4 kids, I'm just done with trying to get them not to cuss! We all cuss once and a while, and I'm finding that they learn much worse at school. Some of the things they come home saying. Yikes!
I probably would have laughed if I'd heard her say that. Too cute!

ferfischer said...

Haha! I love it! (you're right, it doesn't translate over here - even though I'm familiar because I lived in Sydney for a year, I STILL don't get that word/phrase and it's usage there...) :)