Saturday, July 2, 2011

O Happy Day!

Today is the first day of the school holidays - O Happy Day!

We started our holidays as we plan to continue them - with a pyjama day.  Hopefully we'll fit in quite a few more of those.

One of my holiday jobs is to edit the preschool video.  I didn't do the filming this year as I had to work, so Ashlea's teacher did it.  You can imagine my delight at finding this little gem while I was going through the footage:

Apparently Sue has been practising this with Ashlea for months - but yesterday (in front of the camera) she did it by herself for the first time.  This is a huge milestone for Ashlea as it makes her functionally closer to a level 3 on the GMFCS scale (measure of Cerebral Palsy severity), than a 4.

While on the one hand it doesn't matter to US what level she is, it does matter to HER.  Every ounce of independence is so valuable - and as a Level 3 her risk of other complications (for example needing major hip reconstruction) drops significantly.

LEVEL III: Children sit on a regular chair but may require pelvic or trunk support to maximize hand function. Children move in and out of chair sitting using a stable surface to push on or pull up with their arms. Children walk with a hand-held mobility device on level surfaces and climb stairs with assistance from an adult. Children frequently are transported when traveling for long distances or outdoors on uneven terrain.  (Source).

O Happy Day!!!


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Miss Ashlea you are an absolute rock star!

Go you good thing!!

Happy Day indeed.

I guess she has chosen not to demonstrate this for you at home yet...?

Alice said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!!

Sarah said...


What a happy day indeed!

Missy said...

She's so totally awesome!!!So excited about this skill achievement and milestone.

Enjoy your PJ days. I plan on doing lots of them next week, when our school holidays begin.

Enjoy your holidays x

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, Ashlea you are a little star!

kim xx

Deb L said...

Yep. That's HUGE. Hooray!