Friday, July 29, 2011




I just realised that I have posted Ashlea's mid-year updates (check your letter boxes everyone) to all our friends.  I of course included  the link to this blog in the update.  I have given them to the minister AND the senior minister at church, the minister at the new church, friends, acquaintances, everyone.

I even gave one to the ex-deputy prime minister of the country - and his wife - who were speaking at a church event tonight.

And then I realised...that the most recent blog post was the one below, about my parenting (and other) fails.  And two posts below that is a post about gastro that contains a photo of a toilet.

What was I thinking???

So....quick....HELP!  I need an idea for a great blog topic.  Something clever and witty and insightful, preferably without any fails.

I'm open to all suggestions!


Anonymous said...

If it doesn't feel too whimpy, you could just take down this post and the one before it and only your most loyal readers would ever know they were missing....

Sarah said...

Not sure what to suggest sorry