Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello Ducky

Ashlea currently has an obsession with ducks.  This obsession has been going on awhile actually - she has a variety of toy ducks that she plays with, and has even taken to calling me Ducky.

Hello Mama Duck she says to me.

Hello Daddy Duck.

Hello Aunty Carolin Duck - you get the picture.

It is VERY cute.

We had the chance to meet a duck last week.  The kindifarm people weren't planning on getting the duck out to play so I made a special request for Ashlea to see it.  Don't you love how requests that would normally get turned down get agreed to when a cute child in a wheelchair is the one asking???

So, here is Ashlea talking to her friend the Duck.  I'm not sure what she's saying to him but he looks thrilled don't you think???

Edited to add the link to Special Exposure Wednesday.


Alice said...


Sarah said...

Great photo of them both!

Both Violet and I love ducks too, I can understand her obsession over them completely.

Deb L said...

I think we should have a competition to caption either the duck or Ashlea. If I could draw a thought bubble, I'd have the duck saying, "Finally, I'm getting the recognition I deserve. No one's ever interested in the duck. Always the sheep, the rabbit or the pony. Finally, someone sees me for the true star I am! I am the petting zoo! I am duck, hear me roar!"

ferfischer said...

Cute! Perhaps you need a pet!

Michelle said...

Love it! She sure does look like she is deep in conversation!

The Henrys said...

What a great picture! I'm so glad that someone gave her the chance to meet a real duck!

Jackie said...

Nice photo. What a nice bonding moments with her duck. Looks cute. I also like ducks with white color.

Di said...

That is a gorgeous photo! And I love you being given Ducky titles. That Ashlea Duck is just divine xo