Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kidney Update

This afternoon Ashlea had an appointment with her kidney specialist.  We haven't had a check up for two months so my heart was in my mouth as we waited for Ashlea's blood results.  After all our mental preparation for a November transplant I was half expecting a huge change in creatinine and therefore a change to the transplant date.

Here are the results:
Creatinine 395 (up from 349)
Urea 14.7 (better than expected)
Potassium 4
Sodium 137
Haemoglobin 112

We are still on track for a November transplant, but much to my horror they have changed the date anyway!  Apparently there was a clash with a liver transplant and who knew, but livers trump kidneys.  Our new date is 17-11-11.  It just doesn't have the same ring to it I'm afraid, but what can you do?

I really struggled at the hospital today.  I just did not want to be there.  I know no one ever wants to go to hospital appointments, but usually I just try and accept that it is part of our lives.  Today it didn't work.  It really got under my skin that this is our life, and that other people don't have to deal with all this crap.  Ashlea was a trooper though.  She cried during her blood test - but no more than any other child - which is a huge improvement on her screaming, thrashing ways of the past.  She also lay still-ish for a hip x-ray, co-operated without even a whimper for her blood pressure, and barely a whimper for the weighing and measuring.  She did keep up her refrain of  "Is is time to say bye-bye yet?" but I think that's fair enough.

So - reality check - this is definitely happening.  In November.  Can someone remind me how we got here?


Sarah said...

Well, as much as I love the number 11 and all those 11's in your old transplant date, the 17th November is our wedding anniversary, so I think it's still a great date!

Ashlea sure is a trooper and so are you!

I think that you not wanting to be there is to be expected, this is huge and you have every right to think it's not fair you are having to go through this. It's NOT fair at all!

Stay strong and know that we are all thinking of you x

Kim said...

You got here because you are incredibly strong.......

Missy said...


Yes, it does suck completely that this is your life, Ashlea's life. The constant hospital visits, the blood tests, the surgery, the CP, all that goes with it.
I know how I feel with our visits and they are minimal in comparison to what Ashlea (and you and your family) have to deal with constantly.

It isnt fair, no.

Ashlea is beautiful, she is strong and courageous (like you) and I just adore her to bits. I know that doesnt change things but gosh she puts up with so much more than half of us will ever experience in a life time.

I will continue to pray and think of you all on the 17th.
Stay strong,

bel said...

Al - I feel your pain. We have a tiny gp appointment Thursday and I'm already feeling negative about it. I have so much respect for how consuming that aspect of your life is. I will pray right now for you! Bel

Frannie said...

I think any change at all will be hard to accept when you get your head in one place and they move it for a rather odd reason like that! But I must say, if you don't normally feel that frustrated by it all, I am very impressed. I really think if I was in your position I would be very "woe is me" all the time. You guys are amazing! And you got here because you are an awesome mum and are doing everything you can to give your precious baby girl everything you possibly can to give her the best quality of life. You always do! Our prayers are with you all for the wait, the process and the recovery! xxx

Lacey said...

Sometimes I wonder the same things about Jax. I wish it would just hurry up so you can be done with it!