Saturday, August 6, 2011

So, here's how it went...

We survived the appointment on Wednesday

Not being a fan of group therapy, I mainly used the time to raise some issues that I don't think the medical team have thought of yet.  Things like:

  • what sort of hospital bed will they provide for Ashlea's safety, 
  • is there an outreach nurse who can come to our house for the daily blood tests following the surgery,
  • can Ashlea have a central line rather than being traumatised every day for 2 months with blood tests, and 
  • don't forget she can't swallow - anything - so make sure all medications are in liquid form

The psychologists promised to follow up on those things and unless we feel we need to see them again they won't see us until the transplant has taken place. 

They did ask the children a few questions to see how much they understood.

Ashlea's response?
Is it time to say good-bye yet?
Amen to that.

Emma was quite cagey with her responses which I think shows she is quite anxious about the whole thing.  She is prone to anxiety so it will be hard on her - and Audrey too.

At the end of the session the psychologist turned to me and asked me if I had any concerns about the transplant.

Um, I don't know - maybe that Ashlea or I could die.

Is she serious?  She's already seen that my kids are anxious about the situation - does she really expect me to answer that in front of them?

(Disclaimer - I know it is very unlikely either of us will die - but it is major surgery and I am a natural born worrier.  If it's only a little worry I don't bother with it anymore - but I do go to town on the big ones).

Needless to say she got a very guarded answer.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Far out!

Did they really expect you to answer that question frankly with your children present!?

I am starting (about five years ago) to have a lot of issues with the things HPs think are ok to discuss in front of (my) children - both the patient and their siblings...

The medical system needs some major reform in this area, IMO.

Glad you got through it though, and sounds like they've given you the 'green light'.

Very glad you gave them some jobs to do! Hope you get answers to your questions...

Take care, Susan x

Anna said...

Glad you survived the appointment. Crikey though at the questions in front of the kids! I agree with Susan, the medical system does need reform in this area. Unfortunately the medical model of patient care is SO clinical. It lacks the ability to be 'empathetic'.

Sarah said...

Glad it went okay. Except asking those kind of questions with your children there I find extremely odd and wrong!

Kim said...

I love Ashlea's response to her question! Surgery is always worrisome, especially for those worriers amongst us! But what would the world be without worriers!Just remember we are all here to help you through, even if it is just to unload a few worries! Kim xx

ferfischer said...

Ahhh! Wow - I wonder what they expect you to say about that! I think your fears are valid, but I wouldn't talk about it in front of my kids!