Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Exposure Wednesday: Games

Do any of your kids with special needs enjoy playing games?

Ashlea is just starting to discover game playing.  Her favourite - and pretty much the only game she 'gets' - is hide and seek, although this photo is of her 'playing' snakes and ladders.  As you can imagine the other kids get frustrated when she lies on the board holding the pieces.  Hide and seek however is a winner with everyone and even though she struggles to play independently, she understands and enjoys the idea behind it.

She often asks adults to play with her - but she usually 'asks' by saying 'She might play hide and seek with you' until the person gets the hint to play hide and seek.

The other day she crawled up to Audrey and asked to play hide and seek with her.

Audrey she said.

Audrey!  (Audrey was watching TV).

By this time she is right in Audrey's face.

Audrey want play hide and seek with me.

I nearly melted.  She asked her sister to play a game with her!

She asked Emma yesterday too.  What a gorgeous moment.

Emma and Audrey both obliged by playing hide and seek with her.  They are both very good at playing with her and make a big fuss of looking for her - even when her idea of 'hiding' is lying in the middle of the floor giggling.  They then hide in places easy enough for Ashlea to find - or they give her clues (for some reason they like to make quacking noises as their clue) to help her find them.  Obviously I have to help Ashlea play, but this beginning of independent play with her sisters is just beautiful.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE seeing them play together.

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Sarah said...

Would have been the BEST to hear Ashlea ask Audrey to play a game with her.

Love her tactic on asking an adult to play a game with her!

Violet kind of plays snap and that's about all. Some skills of playing games are not there for her and her patience is defintely not there for even some of the most basic ones.

Lacey said...

So sweet, I can totally picture them playing hid and seek together!

Beverly said...

sweet. my Noah loves playing games too :)

Michelle said...

I can only imagine what it was like to hear her ask her sisters to play hide and seek with her! My heart would've melted!

Di said...

That's so fantastic! We love hide and seek in our house too! xo