Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Best Father's Day Present

For Father's Day this year I promised Murray that I WON'T post the video footage that I managed to scrounge up of him singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the preschool service last week. Instead I am going to post this video of Ashlea.  She made Murray a card and some chocolate fudge at preschool, but this is her real Father's Day present (filmed last week during physio):

Emma's response when she saw it was to exclaim: "She's going to walk one day!"

In my head I know that children with Ashlea's level of cerebral palsy don't usually walk independently, but I still can't help but wonder....maybe?  Could it be possible?

Even if she doesn't it's still amazing to see how far she has come!!


Anonymous said...

wow...speechless...when we met Ashlea she had difficulty coordinating movement in her walker. God is good - and Ashlea has her mum's fighting spirit xx

Sarah said...

She is just amazing! What a present!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant job Ashlea and Alison.
Love from Fay

Naomi said...

way to go Ashley.

Missy said...

Wow, I am so very impressed. She looks so balanced, it is simply fantastic, brilliant.
I am with Emma, she will walk one day and what a day that will be.
That little girl of yours from day one, has always proved those around her wrong, especially with their expectations of what she would ever be able to do.
I am so proud, I am so excited and as another CP mum, I just understand and get what this means and how huge this achievement is.
Hugs to Ashlea,