Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Official!!

Ashlea has been offered a place in the support class at our local public school.


One less thing to worry about.  She's in.  She'll be going to school with her sisters but will have the support she needs.  We are very happy.

I don't think the school or Ashlea have any idea of what they'll be in for next year, but I'm looking forward to my children all being at school together.

Imagine that - only one drop off in the morning!  Only one pickup!  And best of all Ashlea will have all her therapies at school - so no more running to and from appointments on my days off work!  Just think - I might actually have some time to catch up with friends.  Or watch TV.  Or sleep.   I know in reality it will probably mean grocery shopping and reading groups at school but don't burst my bubble - I like to imagine myself having some free time next year.

So, who's free for a coffee?  I'll be available Thursdays and Fridays from Term 1 next year.


Naomi said...


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

So happy and relieved for you.

Still think you shouldn't have had to go through the 'application' process tho.

I'm really looking forward to when my three are all at one school - I have just one golden year: 2014.

Take care, S xx

Missy said...

How wonderful! That is fantastic news!

I will happily occupy your Thursdays and Fridays!!!

ferfischer said...

BIG YAY! I dream of one dropoff, but I don't think it will ever happen - I will settle for two instead of three though! I'm also thrilled and think all the girls will do great!

Kim said...

Oh wow, why didn't you tell me when I saw you at school!!! I am so happy for you, it is the best news ever! I am free for tea!!

Sarah said...

Fantastic to hear all is going ahead at the preferred school, what a relief indeed!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

wonderful news Alison for you and the girls. The school is so very lucky to have your 3 beautiful daughters there next year x I would love to come for day ;)