Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thanks Julia!

Our prime minister may have the lowest approval rating known to mankind at the moment, but in our house she is pretty popular.  Ashlea has just received her approval for the Better Start Funding that was promised before the last election - and we have used some of the equipment money to buy an ipad. 

Ashlea is a big fan.  It's only been in the house 2 days and she is already saying:

Where's my ipad?  I need to play it.

She loves playing the apps that don't require much control - such as the xylophone, drumkit and any musical instrument ones  (especially the burp and fart piano).  She is quite quickly grasping the concept of how to control the ipad but struggles with the fine motor skills to be able to do it well.  I want her to start being more purposeful with her movements and to start isolating her pointer finger to touch the screen - so I would love to hear what apps have worked well for your kids. 

The ipad has already come in handy as a sanity saver too.  Tonight we had dinner at a (new church) friend's house - and the people have stairs in their house.  Ashlea has a stair obsession and had a 30 minute tantrum about wanting to climb the stairs (which were steep and slippery and definitely not safe for her). Cue the trusty ipad and the squalling child was distracted from her tantrum.  Although she did later work out that if you stop screaming about wanting to go up the stairs your parents will eventually get distracted and you can sneak through the barrier they had constructed and climb up anyway.  Four times. 

So, what are you app recommendations?  At the moment our goal is specifically about improving fine motor control - but I would love to hear what all your favourites are.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

As mentioned on FB, our faves are:
Marble Mixer
Sound Shaker
Barbie i can be
TapToTalk (free AAC)
VTC Sampler (flashcards)

Also recommended by others:
Typ-O HD


Better warn Ashlea - Molly's iPad seems to be mine much of the time...

Alice Buc said...

The in the night garden game is cheap and fun - washing faces with macka packa and finding the characters are good for index finger stuff - although the pontipines really are teeny tiny and Mikey finds them harder to point to accurately. He's also obsessed with the telly tubbies game which is much simpler.

We like doodle buddy, I hear ewe, and air hockey too.

claire said...

angry birds of course!!

flash card apps?

Sarah said...

Violet's funding was approved 2 weeks ago, V hasn't got much more time to use it!

Kim said...

That is fantastic! Well done Ashlea!

ferfischer said...

YAY! So thrilled for you. Really, I just troll the free apps and go from there!

Anonymous said...

hi have just started reading your blog I know this info maybe old now for you but if you are on Facebook join Smart Apps for kids they have some great free stuff or really cheap apps as well