Thursday, October 20, 2011

Did she just say CANCELLED???

So after posting the other day that the doctors didn't expect anything to show up on the final cross match you can bet your bottom dollar what's happened can't you?

We returned a positive cross match.
Crossmatch - The basic crossmatch test involves a mixing of cells and serum to determine whether or not the recipient of a kidney will respond to the transplanted organ by attempting to reject it.
If the cross match is NEGATIVE the transplant can go ahead as the recipient will be more likely to accept the organ.

If the crossmatch is POSITIVE the transplant cannot go ahead as it means the recipients immune system will mount an instant attack on the kidney and reject it.

And yes you did read that correctly - Ashlea and I now have a POSITIVE crossmatch meaning I can't give her my kidney as her body would reject it.

This positive crossmatch is new - the antibodies causing it are new.  They weren't there 6 months ago when we did the initial cross match - they have developed in the last couple of months.  The doctor thinks they could have developed when Ashlea was sick last term.

We do have one final straw to clutch at - and believe me I have a very firm hold of it.

Ashlea's results are showing that she is also showing an immune reaction to herself (don't worry - I have no idea what that means either) - because of this they are running the tests again just to make sure that it is not somehow interfering with the crossmatch results.  We have to wait until next week for the final results.  Until then I am going to clutch onto that straw very tightly - although the doctor didn't seem too hopeful about that.

If it is a true positive cross match it means that not only can I not give Ashlea a kidney right now - I probably can't ever give her a kidney as she is sensitized to me.


The next step is to wait for the final results - hopefully there has been some crazy lab mix up and this isn't really happening, but if it is a definite positive cross match the transplant is off until we can find a new donor.  The doctor has already put Murray's paperwork in so he can go for the transplant work up - but even if he were approved really quickly there are no available spots in the transplant calendar until at least May.

At the very least it is looking VERY unlikely that we will have a November transplant.



Susan, Mum to Molly said...


And WTF??

OMG the Universe cannot be serious.

No one deserves to have their head & heart messed with like that.

I'm so sorry.

And clutching straws with you.

Huge, disbelieving hugs, Susan xx

Anna said...

I too, am clutching at straws with you.
Am praying, wishing, hoping that next weeks results show a negative crossmatch result.

May said...

oh Alison, praying for you and beautiful Ashlea. Life is tough.

Sarah said...

Not the news you wanted!!!! Or any of us wanted!

Hope final result shows all will be ok.

You have had too much bad luck in life and you deserve for this all to go smoothly.

How hard for you hearing this, thinking of you xo

The Taylor Family said...

For f&^k's sake............ sorry for terrible swearing but seriously... what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Allison, I am sending so many positive vibes your way for a negative result or just a complete mix up. This is crazy. Rach

E. said...

Oh....( insert appropriate and many swear words in here).

I hope that this is just a little hiccup that is gone by the next lot of testing.

Missy said...

I simply cant believe this...oh Alison, I can only imagine how you must be feeling...I am devastated for you and Ashlea.

I hope that the test results come back next week with a negative result and it has been some crazy mix up.Clutching at straws with you.

I just dont know what to say...dam it universe...give Ashlea a break.

Big hugs....I am so sorry,


ferfischer said...

OMFG. I am shocked! What a roller coaster. These kids can never cut us all a break!!! Please keep us posted - thinking of all of you.

Ally {mtm} said...

How heartbreaking Alison.

I have everything crossed that you get the right results from the next cross match and sweet little Ashlea isn't forced to wait even longer for that much needed kidney.

Sending you lots and lots of love xx

Deb L said...


jdm said...

I hated reading this. My heart just aches reading this...This must be so disappointing to you. I'm praying for positive news to come...xoxo