Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Crossmatch Results

Ashlea's doctor rang me yesterday to say that the final crossmatch results have come in. The results are still somewhat confusing, but it appears there may be more reason to hope than we first thought.

When the doctor got the result her first reaction was "Wow - that's weird" so she rang the Red Cross to get more information.  As soon as she mentioned Ashlea's name they knew exactly who and what she was calling about as they had all been puzzled by the results too.

Sounds about right for Ashlea doesn't it???

Apparently she may have some sort of auto-antibody thing going on - possibly caused by a virus she has had. There is a chance that the auto-antibody thing is what caused the crossmatch to come back looking positive.  When they ran further tests (the doctor did give me more detail but she may as well have speaking Greek - I had no idea what she was talking about) they couldn't find any other evidence of a positive crossmatch - and don't forget when we're talking crossmatches a positive is actually a BAD thing.

We are going to re-do the crossmatch as soon as we can get one booked.  IF it comes back clear we may be able to go ahead with a transplant early next year - we definitely won't have time to get everything organised for November sadly.  There are no vacancies on the transplant calendar until May but as usual the list is fairly fluid and if Ashlea needs her transplant sooner than one of the other waiting children she will bump them from their spot.  If she continues to remain stable (which she has up to this point) she may wait a little longer.

So, what does all that mean?  The short answer - I might still be able to donate - we will know for sure after we get the results of the next crossmatch.  In the meantime Murray is going to start getting tested as well....just in case.

And so the rollercoaster continues - with this little glimmer of hope setting us off on the upward swing again.


Fiona said...

It made my night to read about your 'glimmer of hope'.
Fingers crossed here in Switzerland.

ferfischer said...

Oh geez! Talk about craziness. I would expect nothing less from your girl. <3

Anna said...

I am so glad there is a glimmer of hope. There has to be some sort of reason in amongst all of this. God only knows what it is right now though. Here's hoping Murray is a match too so there is a backup plan.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear there is still a glimmer of hope.

Hope Murray's testing works in Ashlea's favour for backup plan in case x

Ally {mtm} said...

I totally missed this!

How confusing, exciting and hopeful this must have been all at once.

Love to you guys xx