Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Not Transplant Day's the 17th November and it's definitely not transplant day.

But it is World Prematurity Day, so the video clip I made of Ashlea especially for transplant day is still very appropriate.

When I thought the transplant was going ahead I started working on this clip of Ashlea.  I have set it to Colin Buchanan's Be Strong and Courageous which I think I have mentioned before.

Some of the words of the song are:

Be strong and courageous,
The Lord of the Ages,
Holds all His littles ones safe by His side.

Be strong and courageous,
The Lord of the Ages,
Holds all His little ones safe.

Whenever I heard this song while the girls were in the NICU I would take great comfort in knowing that God was holding them safe.  It didn't mean that they would be immune to any of the difficulties of the NICU -  it was more that regardless of what happens in this life time I knew that God was holding them safe for all eternity.  That image of Ashlea and Audrey being held safe helped me get through those early dark days in the nursery. 

As Ashlea faces her kidney transplant (whenever that may be) this song will continue to give me comfort.  God will continue to hold her safe - for all eternity - regardless of what happens with her kidneys.

He holds all His little ones safe.

*** Apologies to Colin for chopping out an entire verse of his song - but I didn't want the video to be too long!***


SoCo mom said...

That was beautiful. Thinking good thoughts for you all!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Awesome video.

Awesome girl.

Awesome mum.

How far she has come...

Wishing you all well as you face some new big challenges:

Kidney transplant;


Big School.

Michelle said...

Tears. So beautiful! Praying for the transplant and for some peace!

Sarah said...

Wow Alison, everytime I see the girls as premmies it amazes me how they pulled through that time.

What an emotional video of your amazing Ashlea, she is inspiring!

Missy said...

I think you have three BEAUTIFUL girls but Miss Ashlea just steals my heart away.

I am so overwhelmed when I see just how tiny Ashlea was and how far she has had to come.She has had a long hard battle and made such momentous achievements and milestones.

Praying her kidney transplant happens very soon!

love and hugs to a special little girl with such spunk and personality xx

Deb L said...

Just awesome. I can't believe the stuff she's managed to do already!