Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kidney Appointment

Ashlea had a kidney check up today - her first with her new specialist - and her first since the non-transplant.

It's funny because in a way it has been a relief to have a temporary reprieve from the stress of surgery.  It's a relief to be able to look forward to a 'normal' Christmas.  It's almost like the reprieve is permanent - we're not having it now and maybe we'll never need to have it??  Phew - we dodged that bullet.

Nothing like a morning at the hospital to remind me that Ashlea still does have kidney failure and we will still be needing that transplant.

Unfortunately I also managed to read these statistics on the KHA website in the last couple of days as well...(these are all Australian statistics)
  • 50 people die every day with kidney related disease
  • In 2009, diseases of the kidney and urinary tract were the 9th leading cause of death in Australia with 3,312 deaths
  • Overall there has been a 23% increase in deaths from kidney disease over the past 10 years, killing more people each year than breast cancer (2,799), prostate cancer (3,111) or even road deaths (1,417)

Sometimes I can kid myself that kidney disease isn't that serious.  Ashlea doesn't look that sick.  She doesn't act sick.  It is easy to forget that kidney disease can be a killer.

Talk about a quick trip back to reality.

Yes she still has kidney failure.  Yes she still needs a transplant.

For today at least, her numbers are stable.

Creatinine 419
Urea: 14.9
Sodium 139
Potassium 4.8
Haemoglobin 113

Not much change from a month ago which is nice - although that is possibly because Ashlea hasn't been growing.  As a result we need to increase her calories - which often results in an increase in creatinine.  It's a vicious cycle - when she is growing well her kidney function suffers, but when her kidney function is stable it is because she is not growing (or losing weight like she is at the moment).

We don't have any further news on the transplant.  Murray's crossmatch results are due back any day now and then he goes for his glucose tolerance test next Monday.  I will repeat my crossmatch with Ashlea in the next month or so and if that comes back clear we may see about scheduling a new transplant date.


ferfischer said...

Well, I'm glad for the status quo for you - anxious to see how all the matching goes again. Thinking of you!

Ally {mtm} said...

Wow. Those statistics are sobering aren't they.

Good luck with Murray's results xx

Sarah said...

Those statistics are full on!

I think what others can easily forget is how quickly someone that may appear well can instantly change.

I really hope Ashlea's levels stay stable and you all have a great Christmas before transplant.

Good luck with all the upcoming results for both Murray and yourself x

Missy said...

Good luck with Murrays results xxx

Glad things are stable at the moment...hope there is soon some very good news on the transplant front.

hugs xx

Rosalie said...

Glad to hear things are stable. As a sufferer of kidney disease myself i know looks can be deceiving with whats going inside x