Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kindy Orientation

This week the girls had their last kindergarten orientation visit.  I can't believe they are nearly ready for big school!!

I was a little worried about how orientation would go as it was a class visit - which involved Ashlea going into the classroom.  On her own.  Like a big girl.  I was even more concerned when I asked her that morning what she was going to do at Big School that day and she answered "Cry".

She kept her promise.

Before the classroom visit the current kindy class did a song and dance for the new students.  All the new kids and parents loved it....all except for one.  It was too loud.  There was a meltdown. Emma's class were watching the performance from somewhere else within the school and Emma turned to her teacher and proudly said "I know who's crying - that's my sister!"  She was right.

Fortunately Ashlea recovered and went to her classroom and met her teacher and some classmates.  She did really well and told me afterwards "I have a good time Big School".  When I arrived to get her she appeared to have everyone wrapped around her little finger - she had managed to find a toy duck to hold and had everyone singing Old McDonald Had A Farm.  Audrey also went to her class and had an absolute ball.  I am so happy with the teacher she has - she is lovely and gentle and encouraging - just what Audrey needs to bring her out of her shell a bit.

We're all very excited about the start of school.  Oh wait - maybe that's just me???


Sarah said...

Glad orientation seemed to go reasonably well.

Had to laugh at Emma's recognising her crying.

The school sounds fantastic and as you already know some of our mutual friends children go there and praise the school constantly.

Wow big school girls!

Missy said...

Who can believe that they are big school girls already.

I am glad that orientation is going well.

Had to giggle that Emma instantly recognised that it was Ashlea!

Love their "I am coming to School" pictures

Fiona said...

Those I'm coming to school pics are fabulous.
Do they really wear little green berets?!

E. said...

Glad thy had a good time. Love those pictures they made.

Alison said...

Fiona - they wear green sun hats - they just look like berets in the picture. Berets aren't particularly effective in the harsh summer sun :)

Ronda T said...

The fact that the school bothered to find a picture of a girl in a wheelchair is a really good sign. I hope all the girls love school.