Monday, November 28, 2011

Negative Crossmatch

Murray's crossmatch results have finally come back - and they are NEGATIVE (that's a good thing remember).  Negative means there is no reaction between Ashlea and Murray.

This morning - maybe even while you are reading this - Murray will be having his glucose tolerance test.  This will be his big hurdle to being Ashlea's donor as there is a very strong history of Type 2 diabetes in his family.  So...we shall wait and see what the test results bring.  If he passes this one he will then go on to have the kidney function tests that I had earlier in the year.

For those of you who pray, please pray that Murray remains conscious throughout the procedure.  He is really not good with needles and blood and has a habit of fainting.  I'd really like him not to faint - I don't want the test called off!  I need to know if he can donate or not!

I'll update when we have the results.


Alice said...

Oh good news so far! I'll pray now. Xxx

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Great step in the right direction towards your gorgeous girl having good kidneys!

Shall be thinking of you all today, S xx

ferfischer said...

Good news! One more hurdle over! When will they hear back about your re-tests again?

Sarah said...


Really hoping all goes well with the next tests for both a good result and that Murray copes with it all x

Deb L said...

When do you (are you?) having your own tests re-done?

Deb L said...

Ignore that question. Just read your answer two posts ago.