Monday, December 19, 2011

Stinky Bottom Blood Test Results

Today was stinky-bottom-blood-test day.

As much as Ashlea doesn't like blood test day, I have to say she has gone from being a screaming thrashing wild cat to a well behaved angel for blood tests.  Who would have thought?? She is now so familiar with them that she barely even utters a whimper.  While I am very grateful that blood tests are now a lot easier, it is also a little sad that she has them so frequently that she is used to it.

Today's results have shown yet another increase in her creatinine (which I predicted would happen when we increased her calories at her last appointment).

Creatinine: 488 (up from 419 - quite a jump in 4 weeks)
Urea: 20.8 (up from 14.9)
Sodium: 137
Haemoglobin: 113

So, the kidney function continues to decline.  I bumped into Ashlea's specialist while we were at the hospital and she said they are trying to book Ashlea's transplant for March or April next year - they are just waiting on Murray's test results.

Which brings us to tomorrow.  Murray gets his turn at being radioactive tomorrow as he does his kidney testing.  He has a nuclear scan of his kidneys in the morning, then an ecg and chest x-ray, and then he finishes the day off with a CT scan of his kidneys.  We won't have all the results back until January but the nuclear kidney scan should be back in a few days.  That is the scan that determines what his level of kidney function is.  The cut off to be a donor is 90.  Mine is 111. Ashlea's is 8 at the most.

For those of you who pray - please pray that the tests will go smoothly.  There are a number of blood tests and injections involved so please pray that Murray is able to get through all the tests without fainting.  It is quite a gruelling day.

And watch this space!  Even though we won't have the final word from the doctor on whether he can donate until his appointment on the 20th January, the GFR will give us an idea of whether he has a chance.  I'll post the number as soon as I know it!!!


Missy said...

Will be hoping and praying that Murray gets through all the testing without any faiting!

Mostly though, I will be hoping and praying that everything is perfect and that the results are exactly what you need them to be to go ahead with the transplant.

I also hope that the transplant date is asap.

It IS sad that Ashlea is so used to the blood tests that she is such a good girl with her blood tests but it is fantastic as well, as it is one less really overwhelming traumatic event for all of you, if that makes sense.

Fingers crossed there is some really good news for you all for Christmas xx

Alice said...

Praying. Xxx

E. said...

Congratulations to Ashlea being so brave with her blood tests now. I hope that you get good news on Murray's tests.

Sarah said...

Hope all goes well for Murray tomorrow and all goes ahead early next year.

Thinking of you all x

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Good job Ashlea, being so brave! I hope Murray's tests go smoothly and you guys get some great news soon!

Deb L said...

Yep. I'll be praying.

Ally {mtm} said...

Thinking of you all and sending you lots of love xx