Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 13

It's Emma's turn to be the photo of the day.

My first born child.

Friendly.  Fun loving.  Silly.  Playful.

Extremely strong willed.

A skilled negotiator.

She is the one I lie awake at night and worry about the most in some ways.

She's kind of highly strung.  Of course I would have absolutely no idea where she gets that from, but speaking from experience (other people's of course) it really does make life just that much harder.  I really think I need a new parenting strategy with her - one that will bring out the best in her while also teaching her to manage her emotions.

Anyone got any tips?


Sarah said...

No tips sorry...i have a hormonal 11 year old and she has been hard to manage for 2 years with emotions, body changes etc..needless to say if it's this bad already, I am dreading teen years!

Casey said...

Ha! I have a hormonal 10 year old, and I have learned (the hard way) to walk away from the high emotion situations (against my instinct) and come back to deal with it when everyone has calmed down. Emma might surprise you with her ability to 'self correct' if given the chance! ps She has lost her little girl look!!! So grown up.