Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 14

Two photos for you today - and neither of them taken by me.  Is that cheating?  To make up for it you will get to see something very rare indeed - a photo of ME - and I didn't even straighten my hair!

Today we celebrated my Aunty Doris's 90th birthday (yes, she is the daughter of my Grandfather with the good genes).

The first photo is of Aunty Doris and I...taken 40 years ago...

The second one was taken today.

Unfortunately I'm not clever enough at using Photoshop to remove my wrinkles or that guy's butt in the background.

Happy birthday Aunty Doris - I look forward to celebrating your 100th birthday in another 10 years!


Sarah said...

Wow what great genes to have in your family!

Happy 90th to Aunty Doris! x

Ally {mtm} said...


Happy Birthday Aunty Doris!