Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 18

Today's photo of the day says it all.

We were supposed to be finding out this Friday if Murray can be Ashlea's donor.  I got a call yesterday from the transplant coordinator letting me know that the doctor is away and the appointment has been rescheduled.



Are they trying to drive me crazy???

The good news from my chat with the co-ordinator is that he can't see anything in Murray's results that might rule him out as the donor.  Obviously he is not the one with the final say - but he said things are looking good.

It would have been nice to have that certainty though!

Ashlea has a day of hospital appointments on Friday and hopefully after that I will be able to post our new transplant date.  I already know what it is - but seeing as things are always subject to change - I am waiting until after we see what Ashlea's blood work is like and we have spoken to her doctor to confirm.

Watch this space.


Sarah said...

That is enough to push you over the edge! The waiting is hard enough already without extended waiting times!

Hope all goes well on Friday with all Ashlea's appts.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

How supremely frustrating.

Why don't they understand that you need. to. know. NOW!!

Glad the hint was positive though...

Looking forward to coffee tomorrow,

Susan x

Missy said...


Glad that all appears to be in order...cant wait to hear the good news and the date of her new transplant.

Lacey said...

Aaahhhh, I think doctors know at all how crazy us moms can get when waiting for news like that! Sheesh!