Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 20

Today's photo is ....


Because I know the new proposed transplant date.

Apologies for the picture - I do realise it looks like a pile of cockroaches bodies - but when I tried to photograph an individual date it looked like something much worse than a cockroach.

Back to the date.  I am going to tell you what it is - I just need to have a little whinge first.

Today Ashlea had her ultrasound appointment at the hospital to check her arteries and veins because of all the lines she had in them while in the NICU

They decided to try using chloral hydrate for sedation which turned out to be a BIG mistake.  It made Ashlea quite agitated - she was crawling around in her bed all woozy and wobbly and in danger of hurting herself.  She was taken to ultrasound and left with no nurse to supervise her even though she had been sedated (they were short staffed was the excuse).  I made sure I monitored her but really that is not the paren'ts resposibility!  They tried to start the scan but about 1/4 of the way though Ashlea announced "I'M AWAKE" and pushed the sonographer away.  I insisted on wheeling her back to the ward in the wheelchair as she was unsafe on the bed and was given a lecture by the nurse (the one who hadn't stayed to supervise) about how it is not hospital protocol and I would have to accept responsibility if anything happened.

Anyway after that debacle and the doctor threatening to reschedule they eventually agreed to try midazolam and gas and it worked wonderfully well.  Once the renal registrar heard about what had happened in the morning she arranged a nurse to manage the gas and another registrar to supervise Ashlea throughout the procedure.   The midaz and nitrous worked really well - Ashlea started to wake up towards the end - and with about a minute to go announced "I FINISHED".

Fair enough.  After that we did bloods and saw the kidney specialist.  I know you've been very patient reading all these words but just wanting to know the transplant date - I'm nearly there!

Today's blood results were:

Creatinine: 504 (a new record high for her)
Urea: 18 (slightly improved from last time)

And now to the bit you've been waiting for!  The date we are working towards is April the 26th.  Of course as you know things are always subject to change but it is looking like we will have a transplant in April.  Murray sees his doctor next month to get the final approval - and then he will see the surgeon and do a final crossmatch in March which will hopefully come back with good results in time for April.

April 26th is the first week of term 2 so at least Ashlea will get to attend school for one term before surgery.  She will probably be off for all of term 2.

There you have it.  For those who have scrolled down just to find the date I'll say it again - APRIL 26.  For those who read the whole rant - thank you for listening!


Casey said...

I'm confused - are you still the 'main' donor and Murray the back up, or the other way round?

Sarah said...

What an ordeal!

I hate that rule about not being able to take our own kids back to ward...seems you were far better at supervising her than the nurse!

Wow not far away which is good seeing that level.

Hope Murray gets the final approval in March.

Alison said...

Casey - Murray is the donor now (assuming he gets the final tick of approval next month).

E. said...

I hope that Murray continues to get the results needed. Here's to 26 April 2012!

Fiona said...

I just love the 'I finished'.
Of course you are Ashlea - well done for telling the others.