Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 21

Today we made cockroach donkey poo DATE scones.

I made Audrey do all the work so I would have a chance to take my 'photo of the day' - otherwise you would have been subjected to a photo of my washing pile as today's picture.

She was happy to oblige and did a great job - in spite of the fact that we used some baking powder that got missed in Thursday's clean out.  Put it this way - I'm pretty sure the powder was already several years old when we moved here.  Over 4 years ago.  So the scones may have turned out more like rock cakes.  Or maybe just rocks.

We ate them anyway :)


Sarah said...

Cool photo! I wouldn't have eaten them anyway as I dont like dried fruit in things

Alison said...

So you're with Emma then Sarah in thinking the dates look like donkey poo???

Sarah said...

Sure do!