Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 27

Today was back to school preparation day in our house.

Pencils were labelled.

Uniforms were purchased and labelled.

Lunch boxes & drink bottles were labelled.

I think we're just about ready to go back.

As much as a lot of my friends are hanging out for their kids to go back to school I really like school holidays.  I really like not having to be up and out the door early every day.  I really like not having to do the school pick every day.  I really like having the chance to catch up with friends. I really REALLY like not having to do homework.

I'm a bit scared about the idea of having to do homework with 3 kids - getting child number one to do it has been hard enough!

Wish me luck - Emma starts back on Monday and Ashlea and Audrey the week after.


Sarah said...

I am looking forward to school going back but not the homework and I have Year 6 homework to help Emily with!

Alison said...

I fear Year 6 homework may be beyond me now... Good luck with that!

Missy said...

I too have school holidays for all of the reasons you do Alison.

I am looking forward to having 3/4 of my family at school but not looking forward to getting 3 ready for school each day and 3 lots of homework either.

Good luck x