Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 28

These holidays I have been torturing Emma encouraging Emma to read more.

I have had to resort to bribery and corruption to get the job done.  Reading is not her 'thing'. Maths is more her thing.  And computer games.

It helped that I found her favourite book at the shops in time for Christmas.  Can anyone else remember reading this?  I remember reading it in 3rd class.  Now that Emma has her own copy it will save her from repeatedly borrowing it from the school library.

PS If anyone sees Skylanders figurines in the shops let me know - they are the promised reward and I can't find them anywhere!  She's nearly finished her reading chart!!


Sarah said...

Yes I remember that book!

Casey said...

This was my favourite book as a kid. I bought it for my girls. That and Wacky Wednesday.

Now when the girls ask 'why', I simply say...'or something may happen, you never know what!'

Alison said...

Casey! Wacky Wednesday is our other favourite!!