Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 6

Today's photo is of the humble peach.

I bought some of these yesterday to take to my dear friend K who finds herself stuck in hospital on bed rest.  Of course I also took chocolate and trashy mags as they are the staples of surviving bed rest, but I do remember from my time in hospital that it was very hard to find a piece of fresh fruit so I took fruit as well.

I am surprised - although probably shouldn't be - at how much of the emotion from my time on bed rest has come back to haunt me since I visited her.  Not that that is a bad thing of course - what is the point of going through something like that if you can't then be there for someone else when they go through it?

I was reminded though of how awful bed rest is.  You have hours and hours of time to yourself and only one thing to think about - 'will my baby (or babies) live?'

In some ways it feels like I have never left that environment.  Ever since my pregnancy with the twins went pear-shaped I have worried about whether or not Ashlea will live.  In some ways I was so naive when I was on bed rest - I didn't realise what a turning point in my life it was.  It marked the end of my 'old' life - life as I had known it - and the beginning of this 'new' life.

I hope and pray that for my friend it is just a blip in an otherwise 'ordinary' life, but for those of you who pray please keep her and her family in your prayers - she is facing potentially months of bed rest to keep her little one in.

(Don't worry - I checked with her before posting this).


Sarah said...

Great photo!

Hope all goes well for your friend x

Ally {mtm} said...

Hope everything goes smoothly for your friend.

I was on bedrest from 26-35wks with Isla...gosh...the time ticks so slowly.

Sending you and your friend lots of love xx