Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 40 - School...The Ugly

Our first nit note.

Give me strength.


Sarah said...

Can't stand nits!

What is annoying is when they send a note home in V's communication book to ask fire me to check her head as she scratches it at school. She scratches her head when frustrated and of course I still check and none there...i treat em and v every week for them in case anyway.

Heres to a nit free year huh!

Missy said...

Me either....I HATE them with a passion. I am constantly checking, combing and treating!!

Anna said...

At least they tell you! I couldn't figure out why Ryley keep getting nits all year last year until I mentioned to his teacher how I couldn't get rid of them. She then mentioned to me it was because his best friend, a little girl, always had nits and he spent a fair amount of time cuddling her.
Perhaps they could have sent home a note to all the parents so that the ones who weren't already madly treating the horrible little things actually treated their kids!

We now just treat every week too.