Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 41 - Audrey's Tooth

How can this baby be old enough to have lost her first tooth?

It started wobbling a week ago.  Audrey helped it wobble more and more but wouldn't let me finish off the job.

So I sent her to school yesterday with an apple for fruit break.

Mission accomplished - her first tooth has fallen out.

Isn't she too young for this???


Sarah said...

Wow that is quite young. V only just lost her second tooth and she is getting on for 7.

Wonder how much the tooth fairy will bring?

Casey said...

No-not at all. My kids lost their first teeth around the same time. Its all good.

Make sure you get a reliable tooth fairy. Ours forgot Maddison's first tooth.

Alison said...

Good point Casey - Emma had to remind me for her first tooth. This time Tooth Fairy Emma knew I didn't have any change in my wallet so she put $2 from her pocket money under Audrey's pillow. So sweet. She's making me pay her back though!