Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 43 - Donate Life

This week is Donate Life Awareness Week.

The aim of the week is to encourage all Australians to talk about organ and tissue donation and to discuss their donation decision with the people closest to them.

Did you know that one organ and tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of 10 or more people?

Please consider becoming an organ donor and making your wishes known to your family.  You could save someone's life - someone like my gorgeous Ashlea.


Sarah said...

Dave and I are already donors on the Australian Organ Donor Register. Such an urgent and important reminder to help saves so many peoples lives, just like your gorgeous Ashlea x

Kat Carroll said...

Thanks! You just made me check out if it's possible for me to donate over here. I came to Australia in 2000 and previously lived in the UK. I thought I wasn't able to donate having lived in the UK during the 'mad cow disease' outbreak. I was wrong! I can donate organs but probably not tissue and so I have just registered to be an organ donor. Now my husband will do so too. Thanks for highlighting something that's so importance to us all.