Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 45 - Big P Little P What Begins with P?

This Pee Bottle that's what.

Today Murray saw the kidney specialist.  We had been hoping he would get the big tick of approval to give Ashlea a kidney.  Instead he got this Pee Bottle.

The doctor wouldn't give a definite answer and is making him do a 24 hour urine collection, another creatinine clearance (blood) test as well as have an appointment with a psychologist.  All before his next appointment on the 15th of March where he will hopefully give us the final word.

So it looks like we won't find out for sure if Murray can donate until 2 weeks before the surgery is scheduled.

To say I am Pee'd off is an understatement.


Lacey said...

Oh man, how can he be so secretive this close to surgery?? That would make me nuts! You need straight answers, because this is life or death!

Sarah said...

How frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would torture not knowing until 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery!

Now is late enough to know and you still don't.

Hugs x

Missy said...

Pure torture....Hope that the "P" test goes well and you know very soon whether Murray gets to donate his lovely kidney!

Meanies not to tell!!

Fingers crossed x

Felicity said...

Well done Alison... Your recount of events showed a lot of restraint!! I am praying for all of you - for the transplant to go ahead, for the health of Ashlea & Murray and for frustration to be low & patience to be high as you wait these next few weeks... I cannot imagine how hard this is...


Anonymous said...

Oh, this was a golden opportunity for friends to be able to help. A couple cold ones and Murray could have had it filled in no time.

And who would leave this comment and not own up to it?

Alison said...

Ha ha - I have my suspicions about your identity Anonymous - but definitely a good idea!!