Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 47 - Kidney Appointment

Today's photo sums up how Ashlea and I feel as we walk out the doors of the kid's hospital. Actually by the time we get to leave we are usually too exhausted to muster up that much enthusiasm - but it's how we feel on the inside.

Today Ashlea saw her kidney specialist.  Her kidney function is similar to last month - her numbers are actually slightly improved (just don't tell the dietitian I have decreased Ashlea's calories as it drives her creatinine up).

Today her Creatinine was 484 and her Urea 16.7.

I'm glad things are holding steady.

We are still heading towards a March transplant.  Murray's got a big week ahead - he has to fill his Pee bottle on the weekend (thanks to our friend who offered to come and drink beer with him to support him in this endeavour but I think we'll stick to water).  He also has a blood test on Monday and then the psychology and surgical consults on Friday.  Hopefully the results of all these will give us an indication of whether the transplant will go ahead.

As usual the doctor and I have been making contingency plans in case Murray can't donate.

Plan A is still for Murray to donate.

If he can't donate Plan B is for me to have another cross-match and see if maybe I can donate. Both these plans involve the surgery going ahead on March 29th.

Plan C is for Ashlea to go on the public waiting list for a kidney from a deceased donor.

Plan C might be swapped for Plan D which would be the paired exchange program.  The problem with options C and D is that it would take awhile for Ashlea to get a kidney and would involve dialysis in the meantime, so we are still hoping and praying for Plans A or B.  Preferably Plan A.


Sarah said...

Everything crossed for option a.

What a huge week, will be thinking of you all x

The Taylor Family said...

wow, what a week to come. Crossing everything that it is all going to work out. Rach xoxox

Lacey said...

Fingers crossed for plan A!!!