Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 48 - Happy Birthday Mum!

Meet my Mum.

She just turned 81.  Seeing as she is from the same side of the family as my Aunt and Grandfather that makes her still a spring chicken.

Our family - like most - can be a bit strange.

We're not close in the way some are close - we would never share our deepest feelings with each other (most of us would shudder at the thought of that), but we are close in that we can always depend on each other.  If I need something someone will be there to help out.  No fussing.  And no bitching.  Seriously - it is like an unwritten rule that it's not OK to bitch about other family members. That is something I really want to take with me into my family. I want my kids to know I can always be depended on if they need me, and I want them to know I have their back and won't bitch about them.

I'm always curious about how other families work. What are your family's quirks? I'd love to hear!


Sarah said...

Happy 81st to your Mum!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alison's mum!
from Fay