Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 50 ... In Which Audrey discovers BOYS

Audrey has a boyfriend.

A boy in her class is quite besotted with her.  She told me he always pushes in so that he gets to stand beside her or walk with her.  He wants to come over to our house so they can play Super Mario (he will be Mario and Audrey will be Princess Peach).  I met his mother at school today and apparently he had told her about 'the most beautiful blond haired girl' he'd met at school.  'She's even more beautiful than you Mum' he said.

He thinks they should go on a date one day.

Audrey suggested they got to Macquarie Centre to have McDonalds and watch the ice skating.

Um is she about to turn 6 or 16???


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Even more beautiful than his mum? Wow, that is high praise indeed...

Better start saving for the wedding. ;-)

Sarah said...

Very cute!

Anna said...

How cute is that. But of a glimpse into the future hey? Audrey is going to break many hearts I think!!