Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo A Day - Day 34

One of the wonderful side benefits of having a child with a disability is getting to meet other amazing families who also live in the land of disability.

Some I have met in real life and some I only know through the internet - what I do know is that this journey would be far more difficult without their support and understanding.  One thing I love in particular is how we all delight in each other's children and their progress.

Today's photo is of Ashlea reading her new book - Santa Duck - sent to us by one of the many friends that we would never have otherwise met if it weren't for disability.

Thanks Di - Ashlea loves her book - it arrived just as we got home from school this afternoon.

And thanks to all of the amazing mums and dads who share this journey with us.  I couldn't do it without you!!


Sarah said...

Oh how lovely of Di.

Ashlea looks like she approves...well it is about a duck after all!

Lacey said...

We always say the internet is so wonderful and bad at the same time. While it has brought so many friends, it also brings the crazies! I wouldn't take it back for anything though! I've met too many amazing families!