Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 53 - Consent Forms Signed

We are inching closer and closer to Murray giving his little princess a kidney.

Today he met with the psychologist and the surgeon who both gave him the OK to donate.  He even signed his consent forms.

We still have the little matter of the final cross match - which is where Ashlea and I got into strife last year, but at least he has made it this far.  The cross match is not until the 12th of March so we won't know for absolute sure if everything is going ahead until those results come back, but so far so good.

Just one more step and our baby will be getting a kidney.

For those who pray, please pray that the cross match will be negative (that's a good thing remember) and that both Murray and Ashlea remain well in the lead up to the surgery.  I think my head would explode if we got cancelled because one of them had a cold!


Gracie ... is amazing said...

This is indeed good news. I missed seeing Murray at the hospital today, Hopefully I will catch up with you both at church on Sunday.,

Sarah said...


Will you be keeping Ashlea home from school to avoid any nasties in the lead up to surgery?

Alison said...

Yes Sarah - her last day of school will be Friday 16th. After that I will keep her home from everything!!

Sarah said...

Good idea! x