Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 54 - Pyjama Day

Seeing as the weather in Sydney is crap at the moment the kids stayed inside in their jammies all day today playing Wii and drinking hot chocolate.

I on the other hand went shopping.

Because whenever there is a stressful event looming what else is there to do?

I decided to shop for the girls birthday presents - I may not be able to control how that big scary operation goes but I can make sure that the girls will have presents on their birthdays - which happen to fall very close to the surgery.

I shopped with gusto.

It's probably a good thing Murray will be in hospital when the credit card statement arrives.

As usual I am struggling to know what to get for Ashlea.  If I ask her what she wants she says:

It starts with J.

Jumping Castle!

Anyone got any good ideas for something a little smaller than a jumping castle??


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Well Aldi did sell a small indoor jumping castle a while back...

(Our playgroup owns one and we only use it in the Hall on wet days.)

I'm not much help, am I? Glad you got some retail therapy though!

S xx

Alison said...

You probably all should know that after that initial comment Susan ^^ found me a small jumping castle on deals direct so Miss Ashlea will in fact be getting a jumping castle of her very own for her birthday!!

Deb L said...

Excellent. Because I was just about to comment and say, "Oh, just buy her the jumping castle and have done with it." Glad you found one!

Sarah said...

Love Ashlea's choice!