Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 60 - In which I attend School Assembly...

I got to enjoy the delights of infants assembly today.

Teacher friends of mine - I take my hat off to you.  I know as a Mummy I am meant to be thrilled at the chance to see my little darlings in school assembly - but really - what an excruciating experience.  I don't know how you do it week after week - if I had to listen to several hundred children singing 'My Highland Goat' week in and week out I'd go mad.

Today Emma's class was doing an item and Audrey was getting her first award  - and not just a little award - a BIG award.  She was star student for the month of February (she is very excited about getting her special badge).

While I'm very proud of Audrey I kind of feel a bit sorry for Emma.  She has never been star student - and I doubt she ever will be.  Audrey is by nature a quiet, compliant child.  Emma is bouncy and talkative and opinionated.  The difference between them was evident even in assembly today - Audrey walked quietly up to the stage to get her award.  Emma did a hop, skip and a jump when it was her turn to get up.

Am I the only one who thinks school awards favour students with a particular personality type?


Sarah said...

How exciting for Audrey!

I definitely think they favour certain "kinds" of kids. It is very evident at our school too.

Emma's time will come!

Missy said...

Our school ensures that EACH child always gets a certificate each year, which is great. Oldest child is always awarded his closer to the end of the year!
I think girls are favoured over boys....thats what I find more obvious and yes it is the quiet, compliant ones!

Megan H said...

When Lily was in Kindy, each child had a turn at being Star of the Week. Their photo was put in the middle of a poster with all comments around it from the other kids about what they liked about the child. And they got to bring home Tammy the Turtle for the weekend! Which is very exciting when you are 5!
It took ages for Lily to be star of the week, but she got there eventually.
Still - some would argue that in real life not everyone gets to be Star of the Week!

T said...

As a teacher trainee..the schools I have been in ensure each child gets atleast one award per year - which sometimes means ticking off on the register ...Perhaps missing the point of the award in the first place??

I wouldn't say children are necessarily favoured though - because the quieter, compliant kids can often get over shadowed by the loud bouncy kids who get an award for being quiet and compliant on one occasion - but the quiet children don't get praised all the time for it?

Controversial topic!

Mattie said...

I agree with the post above - oftentimes, the bouncy and talkative kids are the center of the attention in every sphere of their life.. Not only at school, but at home, in extracurricular activities, etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and it's actually quite natural.. They're heard and noticed because they're louder. I don't think it's exaggerated to give a quiet child the opportunity to take center stage every once in a while when they're too unassuming to claim it themselves. The award ceremony lasts for a few minutes and recognizes a single child's accomplishments over the course of a mere month - to me, it definitely does not seem like a disproportionate or unfair practice to allow a quiet child to get that kind of attention once a year :)