Thursday, March 29, 2012

Show time

Ashlea is about to go down to theatre. I assume that means Murray and his kidney are OK. I wIll go over and check on him once she's gone in.

See you on the other side!'


Gracie ... is amazing said...

Wow. Its really unbelievable that it is all actually happening. Praise God that this day has got here. Will continue to pray! Thanks for the updates:)

Anonymous said...

Great news that it's all going to time (just about!) and that indications are good for Murray's kidney. Praying. Louise xx

The Taylor Family said...

Thinking of you all. Keep the updates coming. Rach

Deb L said...

Been praying on and off all day wherever I was. Sending big virtual hugs.

Anonymous said...

So sweet!
You are not alone Ashlea!
You are much loved!
Well done Murray!
Keep going Alison, you seem to be holding up really well!
Brave sisters, Emma and Audrey, I bet you can think of lots of things to help out with at home. I reckon everyone in the family might like the help girls. I am guessing you have already been helping.
Lots of love from Fay and family.

Sarah said...

Brave girl x