Thursday, March 15, 2012

T - 2 Weeks and Counting

Today marks two weeks until Ashlea's kidney transplant (Thursday 29th March).

Murray has (finally) been officially given approval to donate a kidney to Ashlea and has completed his pre-admission workup with the surgical team.

Ashlea will have her pre-admission appointments the week of the surgery.

The only thing we are waiting on now are the results from the final cross-match.  Ashlea and Murray had their blood drawn on Monday but it can take up to two weeks to get the results back so we may not know for sure if everything is going ahead until the week of the surgery.  I don't think I will actually believe it is all going ahead until they are both in surgery on the day!!

Ashlea has her last day at school tomorrow and Murray his last day in the office.  From tomorrow evening they will be in hibernation hoping to stay well until the transplant.  Obviously I can't keep Emma and Audrey out of school 'just in case' they catch something, so we would really appreciate your prayers for good health for the family in the lead up to the big day.  Oh and prayers for a negative cross match would also be appreciated of course!!

It seems surreal to think that this time in 2 weeks Murray will be minus a kidney and Ashlea will be almost finished her surgery and ready to head up to ICU.


Deb L said...

Mate. So close now. You are definitely on my prayer list!

Sarah said...

Have been thinking of you.

What an anxious wait for those last results and of course during the surgery to come.


Lacey said...

Prayers for good health and a great cross match!

Missy said...

Prayers for good health for all of you, a negative crossmatch, complication FREE surgery and post surgery recovery. Will be thinking of you constantly x x

Anonymous said...

A message to Murray that it sounds like he is being very brave and sacrificial!

Anna said...

I can't believe it is so close now. Definitely will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts over the coming weeks.

Marcy said...

You are all in my prayers! Stay well!