Sunday, March 25, 2012

T -4: The Health Report

The good news is that Emma is a lot better today.  I have a little bit of a cold but we are enforcing strict hand washing and segregation rules in our house so hopefully Murray and Ashlea will stay healthy.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.  It really does make a huge difference knowing we are not going through this alone. Knowing that so many people are standing beside us, praying, thinking of us and hoping for a great outcome for Ashlea and Murray really means a lot.

It is amazing to think of how many people are supporting our little Ashlea.  Apparently up to 100 medical personnel can be involved in just one kidney transplant.  How amazing and humbling to think of all those people working so hard for Ashlea to get her kidney.  And then there are the hundreds of people (that's all of you) praying and thinking of us, hoping with us for a successful transplant.  Thank you all.

We couldn't do this without you!!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear Emma is feeling better today.

Wow that is a huge amount of people involved, very humbling indeed, but then again this is massive!

Anna said...

First thing I thought of this morning was that this is the week for you guys! I can't believe so many people will be involved!