Saturday, March 24, 2012

T -5 Panic At The Disco!!

5 days to go and we're in a bit of a panic.

Emma has woken up today with a cold.  The kind of cold that involves lots of violent sneezing - thus ensuring the germs get spread far and wide.

I am feeling like I might be getting a cold too.

So far Murray and Ashlea are fine.

We have been keeping Ashlea away from her sisters all day - which feels a little mean but has to be done for now.  I may have also put another hole in the ozone layer with my enthusiastic use of the Glen 20.

We are all so ready for this operation to happen this time - we REALLY don't want it cancelled because someone has a cold!

For those who pray - please pray for Murray and Ashlea to stay healthy!!


jennifer said...

My heart is jittery with serious anticipation for you guys. You guys have been working towards this for SO LONG!!! I hope everyone feels better and surgery will be a GO!

T said...

First defence is amazing, if you can get it over in Aus!

Sarah said...

That is the last thing you need in your house!

Have you been keeping Audrey and Emma home from school, meant to ask that in your last post.

Lots of that going around at the moment with the weather changes so dramatic :( V is sick with cold too.

Hoping Murray and Ashlea somehow avoid getting sick.

Ali Cook said...

Praying for good health and successful operation for both Ashlea and Murray!! Love to you all.