Friday, March 23, 2012

T -6 Days: Final Kidney Appointment

Today Ashlea had her final appointment with the kidney specialist before the transplant.

Her blood work was pretty good - her creatinine was 455 and her urea 15.

The doctor was very happy with Ashlea and had good news for us too.  The full and final cross match results are back and they are ALL NEGATIVE.

All the tests have been passed.  All the preparations have been made.  Assuming Ashlea and Murray stay well we are all systems go for next Thursday.


I can't believe how close it is now.

Hopefully this time next week I will be able to tell you that Ashlea's creatinine is <100.


Deb L said...

HOORAY for negative!

Missy said...

Loving the negative!! Best news ever...well the count down is certainly on now.

Cant wait to hear that Ashleas new kidney is functioning beautifully!!

Sarah said...

Thinking of you everyday.

I am so happy to hear all is going ahead.