Wednesday, March 21, 2012

T - 8 How can we help?

8 Days to go...

Now that we are getting close to the transplant many people have asked me what they can do to support us over the next few weeks and months.  Not being someone that is very good at asking for help, I am going to adhere to the same advice I did when the twins were first born - and that is to not turn down any offer of help.  It will be a rule.  If you offer to help - I will say yes!

That being said, sometimes people find it easier if they know what they can help with - so here are some things I can think of at the moment:

- meals (the church has a web roster - let me know if you would like the link)
- housework - with hopefully a better technique than Ashlea!
- laundry
- any of Murray's 'big' jobs like lawn mowing
- possibly help with the school drop offs and pick ups
- keeping me supplied with chocolate and pepsi max
- staying far far away if you're contagious (or giving us the option of staying far far away from you)

One easy way that people can help is by praying for us.  Knowing that people are asking God - the One who has the whole situation in His hands - to intervene on our behalf is a huge comfort.  I remember when the girls were born being so overwhelmed that I couldn't pray.  That sounds bad I know but I just didn't have any words.  I was frozen.  Paralyzed with fear.  I can still picture myself sitting between their cribs in the nursery - just staring at them.  Unable to pray.  Unable to think.  Barely able to breath.

When I did pray I only had 2 things that I said.

One was "Please God" - code for "Please God DO SOMETHING!".

The other was "Please God NO" which was code for "Please God do something, but NOT THAT".

It was a huge comfort to know that while we were in that paralysed state that Ashlea was being prayed for by many people all over the world.

Please pray again if that's your thing.  Or bake, or clean or mow or whatever.  We won't turn down any offers of help - and you can hold me to that!


Gracie ... is amazing said...

What a wonderful idea to have a list! Be sure that I will be praying, but I will get in toich with something else for me to do. I totally understand the bit about not being able to pray. But praise God He is bigger than that and has already provided for us in that situatuion. Romans 8:26
26 Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Missy said...

Okay so unfortunatey I dont live in the same city or state for that matter, so it rules me out for all things like meals, mowing the lawn, babysitting, drop offs and pick ups...BUT I will pray for you all like you wouldnt beieve.

Deb L said...

I've committed myself to praying for you every day for the next few weeks. And I totally get not being able to pray in the midst of all that turmoil.... thankfully the Lord himself prays for us even when words fail us!

Sarah said...

Will definitely try to get at least one of those on the list done for you...I am thinking it will no doubt involve chocolate and pepsi max and of course keeping any germs away.

I am personally not a prayer person, but will always be thinking of you all and sending you love and strength x