Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 61 True Confessions Tuesday: Homework

Homework - we do not love thee.

Tuesday is homework day in our house.

I know that most teachers would prefer we did a little bit each day, but I'd much rather get it all over in one hit - that way we can have a couple of days where we can just relax after school.

Unfortunately that system does not work with Ashlea.  As you can see from the photo she just does not have the stamina after school to sit down and do half an hour of homework.  I can barely get 5 minutes out of her before she collapses with exhaustion.

Does anyone else encourage their children to pick the easiest of the homework tasks??  Last week we could 'research and write facts about elephants' or 'help clear the table after dinner'. Um - not hard to guess which task we're going to choose!

Wish me luck - homework time starts NOW!


Ronda said...

I can so relate to this. Although K doesn't actually fall asleep, her brain does. She is often way too tired to do homework after school and we cut every corner we can. I go for the bits that are the most educationally valuable (being a former teacher I have an advantage).
We continue to pray for the transplant.

Sarah said...

I wrote a comment on this post Alison :( maybe check your spam comments in case it went in there?

Alison said...

How strange - its not in comments - only offers for celebrity porn in there!

Sarah said...

You sound just like me.

I have an appointment to tour your school Thursday week.

Alison said...

Transplant day??? What a shame! No school is perfect but I have been happy so far and am confident that Ashlea is safe there. Also Ashlea gets 8 hours vision support which could potentially help V too as they'd be in the same class :)

Sarah said...

Wow, feels weird for me to hear that transplant said like that thursday week! So can only imagine what you are all feeling.

I agree no school will be perfect but it sure has to be better than where she currently is.

Violet gets 2 hours per week vision support at her current school.